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     Have you  tried to get rid of your stomach ulcers and acid reflux without any luck? There is hope at last…

     Introducing UlcerGuard,the only herbal formula that is guaranteed to get rid of your stomach ulcers and acid reflux FOR GOOD. 

    If you have tried to cure your stomach ulcers and acid reflux using antibiotic and antacids without success…its not your fault. And here is why

    Recent scientific study suggests that when you take antibiotics to treat your stomach ulcers you will run into three kinds of problems;

  1. Your will wipe out all the good and bad bacteria in your digestive system.
  2. Your body will become more resistant to antibiotic
  3. You will experience massive acid reflux

     Let me explain.

    You see,our digestive system consists of two  kinds of bacteria,the good ones and the bad ones.The bacteria which causes your stomach ulcers is called H.pylori and its among the bad bacteria.

    The good bacteria in your system are usually useful in your body during digestion and are also good for boosting your immune response by keeping the bad guys(bacteria ) in check.

     The major problem with antibiotics as a treatment for H.pylori is that,it cannot distinguish between the good and bad bacteria(H.pylori).The end result is that they wipe out all bacteria from your stomach leaving your body defenseless.

     This is probably why you might experience side effects such as diarrhea.This is mainly because of the imbalance of your immune response in your stomach.

     The second problem with antibiotics is that H.pylori has become more resistant.If you decide to use antibiotics,you will be basically making your body to be more resistant which may affect your recovery from any other disease that might require antibiotics treatment.

     Unlike natural antibiotics,pharmaceutical antibiotics synthesized in laboratories contains just one compound. Natural antibiotics such as olive contained in our herbal formula has more than 120 compounds.What this means is that it will become impossible for H.pylori bacteria to adopt and become resistant to our herbal formula.

     The third problem associated with acid blockers is that,naturally our body needs acid to digest food.If you pump into your body acid blockers,you are essentially making your digestive system  ineffective.All the nutrients such as vitamin B12 will not be processed from your food sources.And if you prolong usage of acid blockers for years,you are more likely to have dementia.

    Another problem with associated with using acid blockers is that,your stomach acid acts as defense mechanism to kill certain bacteria from our stomach.Using this acid blockers is like giving harmful bacteria access to your whole body.

    Another problem associated with acid blockers is that,when you block acid production in your stomach,your stomach will automatically send signals to your brain that there is not enough acid necessary for digestion.

   This will result in more acid producing cells being recruited to produce more acid.What do you think will happen when you suddenly stop taking acid blockers?

   You are right,you will have excess acid producing cells in your stomach which will result in acid reflux?

So How Does Our Herbal Formula Solve The Problems Associated With Antibiotics And Acid Blockers?

   Good question…to fully understand how our herbal formula works,you need to know what causes stomach ulcers.

    There are basically two categories of the cause of stomach ulcers,namely:

  1. Aggressive factors(H.Pylori,acid,stress,free oxygen radicals,smoking)
  2. Defensive factors(the thickness of the mucus covering your stomach)

    Any imbalance of the above mentioned factors and stomach ulcers will occur

Our herbal formula contains two powerful antibiotics,aloe vera and olive leaf extract.

    This two leaf extracts contain over 120 compounds which when it comes into contact with H.pylori it kills it instantly by first penetrating through the cell wall of the bacteria then forcing the cell content to gush out making it impossible to survive.

    H.pylori also produces an enzyme called urease that makes it possible for it to survive in such an acidic condition.Olive leaf extract in our herbal formula prevents the secretion of this enzyme making your stomach a harsh acidic environment which makes it impossible for the bacteria to survive.

    H.pylori also has a groove like hand which makes it possible for it to hook themselves on your stomach wall.They also use this grooves to feed on the sugars that are available in your stomach wall.

    This is where aloe vera comes in handy.Aloe vera prevents the interaction of the bacteria’s groove and the sugars in your stomach wall.This cuts the food supply to H.Pylori making it impossible to survive.

    Do you remember how antibiotics kills all the good and bad bacteria in your stomach?Our herbal formula is different because,the main ingredient Olive leaf extract can uniquely identify H.Pylori bacteria from a pool of other good and bad bacteria.But how?

    Good question.H.Pylori has a trait called babA which is unique to only H.Pylori and not other bacteria.

    According to recent scientific research,Olive extract has been proven to uniquely identify bad bacteria and kill them while leaving the good bacteria.

But our herbal formula doesn’t stop there

    Aloe vera contains polysaccharides which scientific research has shown that are consumed by the good bacteria in your stomach.When the good bacteria are healthy,it gives them a good fighting chance against bad bacteria which will result in a healthy digestive system.

I am Convinced,How Do I Order?

stomach ulcers and acid reflux herbal formula

You can call us or send a message through whatsapp to 0790362355  and you will receive a prompt response.

The price of 1 bottle is 1500ksh. This does not include the charges of sending you the parcel.

You will only require one bottle for you to completely cure stomach ulcers and acid reflux?

PS: The price of 1500ksh is only a limited time offer,once our promotion period is over,the price will go back to its original price of 2500ksh.

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